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Nielson Launches Podcast Series

Nielsen has launched the “Nielsen Audio Podcast Series,” which promises to “shine new light on key industries that are important to broadcasters, advertisers, and media enthusiasts.” The inaugural episode, “Guided Tour of Radio - from Nielsen’s Perspective,” will feature Nielsen Audio managing director Brad Kelly and VP of Nielsen Audience Insights Jon Miller.

“Nielsen is a measurement company. We help give size and depth to things that can be hard to quantify—like radio audiences,” Kelly said. “Throughout this new podcast series we’ll use Nielsen data to bring the story of radio to life and provide interesting and compelling insights that our listeners may not have ever considered.

Throughout the series, the podcast will feature industry experts and invited guests and will cover topics such as: How big national advertising brands are (re)discovering the power of broadcast radio; Prospects for candidates and campaigns with radio in this election year; The social science of radio’s enduring “community,” explaining the medium’s resilience and relevance in the digital age.

The first episode is available now on  Soundcloud , with new episodes to be released periodically

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