Marco Devenero

Marco Devenero

Media Planner

Marco's ability to build relationships with clients, learn about their goals and portray a creative and lasting impression on them is part of his natural talent. After learning many trade tips from the family business, he applied his creative mind to developing messaging that would in turn help produce substantial YOY growth. Marco is also proficient using social media, with the talent and knowledge to ensure continuous growth and engagement in today’s ever-so changing social media scene.

In his younger years, Marco was exposed to many great cartoons, animated films, and video games growing up. Such entertainment pieces helped spur his creativity at an early age, enhancing his already very expressive way of thinking. Marco participated in many different classes throughout school including drama and psychology. Originally born in Poughkeepsie, Marco lived in Newburgh, New York where he indulged in a simple life of pre-school, snowy days, and copious amounts of Sesame Street and Bob Ross. When he was around the age of 5, Marco’s family decided that they had enough nor’easter snow storms and moved here to sunny Wilmington, North Carolina.

Favorite hobbies: Animated Films, Video Games, Nature, Friends, Books, Cars, Drawing, Family.
Favorite Childhood Show: Dragonball Z
Favorite Food: Asian Food. Also a Beer Aficionado.
Special Abilities: People Tell Me That I’m Funny

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