Every business has its own special story to tell. It’s important to keep a social presence through writing. There are several great ways that your business can create exposure through this medium. You want to make sure you reach the right demographic for your business, even more so when you wish to reach a more local audience. Native Advertising, simply put, is a form of paid advertising that is specifically designed to match the media that it’s being presented on. A native ad being hosted on a local news website, will be constructed to match the same format of said website. The goal of native advertising is to have your businesses ad to blend seamlessly, so that it doesn’t look like an ad at all. While at the same time, that same ad will be spreading the message about your business, increase brand exposure and educating potential customers.

One of the best proven examples of native advertising are advertorials. These special ads are designed to look like a piece of organic media, like a news story covering an important topic. But this written piece is an ad for your business in disguise. This gives a better chance for potential customers to engage with your brand without ever realizing it. While more straightforward, blogging is still vital to organic brand exposure and SEO ranking on the world’s most visited search engines. A blog must be a choreographed creation that has rhythm and purpose behind it. The usage of important search keywords can help improve your organic search ranking, as well as using several strategic backlinks to drive readers to your website or a specific landing page. IronStride provides you with clean pieces of work, that are grammatically sound and indicative of a professional environment. Our writers are passionate about the work they do, with the knowledge and credentials to back up their work.