Catherine is a Digital Marketer at IronStride. Her creative passion and focus are primarily for content creation and social media management. She applies her graphic design ideas to reflect brand identity and promote positive engagements. Catherine constantly creates eye catching designs and pertinent captions for social media. For each step in her creative process, she strategizes how the content will reach and resonate with the desired audience. She is well versed in Adobe and other content design and editing programs. Catherine aspires to continue learning and improving her design and marketing acumen.

She has had a passion for the arts since a very young age. Catherine is originally from Cary, NC. She has always had strong family ties to Wilmington and moved here in 2017. In college, Catherine learned how to transform her fine art skills into the graphic design and marketing fields. Before starting at IronStride Marketing & Digital Co, she often worked on freelance logo design projects. You can sometimes find Catherine at local markets selling her artwork. Her hobbies include playing beach volleyball, surfing, gardening and fishing. Catherine’s admiration of nature is often reflected in her designs.