Leanne is a Strategic Account Manager at IronStride. Born in Westchester County, NY, Leanne moved to Wilmington, NC at a young age and considers this beautiful coastal city her home. After graduating from North Carolina State University with a premedical degree in Nutrition Science, she moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL where she embraced post-grad life and pursued Veterinary Medicine while bartending at a popular local pub. After three years of professional and personal exploration, she made the move to Sacramento, California, where she currently resides with her husband.

Leanne’s four large dogs (yes, FOUR!) take up most of her free time, and she is well-known for taking them on daily neighborhood walks. In addition to her love for her dogs, another passion of hers is health and wellness. Leanne began running cross-country when she was in high school (go Laney Bucs!) and has continued to prioritize fitness ever since. Her husband owns and operates a small gym in Sacramento, where she has learned to enjoy other aspects of fitness, such as weight lifting.

Leanne has held various administrative roles, including management in the health and fitness industry and a career in the medical-legal field. Being the wife of a small business owner herself, she knows and understands the importance of the right marketing management and strategies to gain exposure within the community. Her affinity for working with people is what makes Leanne a phenomenal asset to our clients. Her priority is to be a part of businesses achieving and exceeding their goals. She is excited to be a part of IronStride and use her skills and creative side to assist in the success of our clients.

Although Leanne currently lives in California, she is looking forward to moving back to her hometown of Wilmington, NC in a few years to be closer to family, friends, and the beach.