marco devenero

Marco is one of the Founders of IronStride Marketing & Digital Co. Born in Poughkeepsie and living in Newburgh, New York, Marco used to know only snow days. After moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, his horizons began to broaden about what life had to offer. His expressive mind made him a natural at navigating the social media platforms that have become so vital to today’s marketing environment. His education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington spanned the field of Psychology, where he graduated with high marks. This has garnered him valuable insight into how the mind works in the field of marketing and advertising.

Marco’s ability to act and perform also makes him good at performing for other creative roles, such as television commercials and voice acting radio scripts. Most notable is his writing talent. Whether it is creative writing for the next T.V script, creating organic content for a new website, native advertorials, or promoting SEO through blogging, Marco’s writing has gained the respect of clients far and wide. On average, Marco’s writing abilities number over 10,000 words a month. He has published over 500 blogs concerning master-planned real estate communities, published dozens of advertorials on behalf of local businesses, and created content for a multitude of websites – varying in industry from construction to medical. His natural writing skills have been further honed through courses officially designed to complement content creation.

Thinking outside the box, creativity, and determination are all part of Marco’s strength to bring a vision to life the proper way. Creative director and content ace, Marco DeVenero, knows that marketing is more than just a black and white system; It is a layered cake of strategy and creativity that complement one another for the maximum result! Being able to think in creative ways has earned him the title of “left fielder” from his fellow partners. His abilities to naturally bond on a human level with clients and the ability to add levity to the room makes him indispensable.

Marco also has practical experience in proper social media management. He knows how to use the right pictures and represent your brand correctly. Website linking, verbiage, and hashtags are all important factors in separating an average social media post from a good one. Marco understands what works and what does not. His ability to write content is also backed up by sparkling credentials provided by classes in writing essentials. His specialized training in this field was licensed by the department of continuing education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Marco is also highly proficient at creating content that optimizes a business’s online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those skills involve using actual keywords taken from real search terms and then seamlessly weaving them into appropriated content. He knows how to make a piece of writing feel real and organic while avoiding industry malpractices such as keyword stuffing. Each business has a unique story to tell and Marco prides himself on illustrating them through his writing.

When off the clock, Marco enjoys a good beer, gardening, detailing his car, and being with family.