gabe moore

Gabe is one of the Founders of IronStride Marketing & Digital Co. He is a talented producer who has a strong passion for high quality content. Clear, concise messaging and captivating imagery are principles he strongly believes in and continues to implement in creating successful content.

You could say his marketing career unofficially began as early as 2004 when he was creating and customizing MySpace pages for his friends. Or, in 2005 when he was gifted his first video camera and learned how to capture and edit entertaining content. Fast forward to today and he has traveled internationally for film projects, manages Targeted Social Media Marketing campaigns, designs dynamic HTML5 digital advertisements and is nearly always editing video and photo projects.

Gabe has extensive training in Adobe Creative Apps, Social Media Management, Targeted Social Media Marketing, Videography, Photography, Search Engine Marketing, Copy Editing and Copywriting.

Don’t let his typically calm demeanor fool you: he plays every sport imaginable and is super competitive in any type of game. His favorites include (but are not limited to) hockey, golf, surfing, ping-pong, foosball, skateboarding, snowboarding and any card or board game.

When not at work, you’ll find him in the ocean, on the golf course, at a brewery or hanging with his lady, their pup and friends.

  • Prefers lunch at the driving range or catching a few waves
  • International trivia champion (contest held at a bar in Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Loves discovering new music in any genre